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PVI offers a wide selection of premium quality architectural solar control window films, that provide tremendous energy efficiency while creating a very attractive modern decorative touch to any commercial office building or residence. Plus, all rooms feel more 'livable' and spacious because harsh sun glare is neutralized without sacrificing the view out. Many PVI films also create daytime privacy, insiders can see out, but outsiders cannot see in.

PVI architectural window films are  manufactured with cutting edge technologies, including:

  • IR PET

  • Sputtered Ceramic

  • Sputtered

  • Hybrid Dyed and Sputtered

  • Dual Reflective


PVI solar control window films are engineered to: 

  • Reduce up to 84% of the total solar energy, increasing personal comfort while drastically reducing air conditioning needs and costs

  • Block over 99% of the fade-causing ultraviolet radiation; protecting all interior furnishings from sun damage

  • Reduce up to 94% of the eye-straining sun glare while improving the full view out

  • Turn ordinary windows into one-way security mirrors, creating daytime privacy whereby insiders can see out but outsiders cannot see in

  • Protect people and property against the dangers of broken glass related accidents

  • Retain up to 55% of the interior heat in cold weather

  • Beautifully unify and modernize windows; enhancing the aesthetics and value of the entire building or residence

PVI architectural films are available in our CDA, clear dry adhesive and Sunfighter pressure sensitive adhesive and designed for a  variety of applications:

Economic Benefits

The worldwide demand for solar control window films has increased dramatically. Many architects and engineers are now specifying solar film rather than tinted or reflective glass for reducing undesired heat gains and losses through windows. Applying PVI solar films to existing glass has proven to be a very economical solution for controlling this expensive energy flow.


PVI solar control window film rejects up to 84% of the total solar energy, significantly lowering inside temperatures. Personal comfort and worker productivity are increased while air conditioning costs are decreased. PVI  window film may eliminate or minimize air conditioning needs and helps to promote the longevity and use of smaller, more economically operated air conditioning units.


Why pay the exorbitantly high initial and replacement costs of heat reflective glass, when PVI solar control film can easily convert ordinary clear glass into 'solar glass'?


PVI window film makes energy conservation very stylish and affordable... an excellent investment now and for the future.

* Office Buildings

* Residences

* Exterior

* Low-E

* Anti-Graffiti

* Privacy

* One-Way Mirror

* Display Windows

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