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Sunfighter™ Automotive Film

PVI offers a comprehensive selection of professional quality Sunfighter automotive window films, produced with state-of-the-art technologies, including;


  • IR PET

  • Nano Ceramic

  • Mirrorlux

  • Spectrally Selective

  • Multi-layer Sputtered

  • Hybrid Sputtered

  • Sputtered

  • Dual Reflective

  • High  Performance

  • Deep Dyed


Sunfighter automotive films are available in a very wide range of visible light transmissions or VLT's,  from as low as 3% to as high as 83%, to meet all personal preferences and most tinting regulations, with unsurpassed performance, optical clarity and reliability.


The Sunfighter automotive film collection features many Nano ceramic non-metallized films, with high total solar energy rejection or TSER, that will not interfere with electronic signals or devices, such as mobile phones, GPS systems, remote keys, radio signals or EZ pass stations.


The newest technological advancement in window film is IR PET,  Nano particle IR absorbers are infused directly into the base PET during the extrusion process. The IR absorbers become part of the PET itself rather than a topical coating. The result is enhanced stability and longevity with an IR cut of up to 97% across the full near-infrared (NIR)  spectrum of 780 - 2500 nm and not just an arbitrarily selected narrow range of 900 - 1000 nm.

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