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Ultra-Shield SR

Front Windscreen Protection Film


Sunfighter Ultra-Shield SR is an extraordinarily clear window film designed to be installed on the exterior surface of automotive front windscreens. This distortion free film provides added protection against the glass being cracked or chipped by rocks or other types of road debris.


  • The special scratch resistant hard coat is abrasion resistant even against windshield wipers


  • Built to withstand extreme climate conditions.


  • Block out over 99% of the harmful UV rays.


  • Enhances personal safety in the event of an accident


  • May help to eliminate or minimize costly and time consuming windscreen repairs or replacement


  • The 2-ply 4 mil or 100 micron construction allows for easier heat shrinking than standard one ply films


  • The durable acrylic PS adhesive forms a powerful all-weather bond to the windscreen

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