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Sunfighter Paint Guard TC is a very durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) paint protection film or PPF, designed to protect all painted surfaces on automobiles, SUV’s, trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, jet skis and more. The specially formulated top coat (TC) provides a nearly invisible shield guarding against all types of paint damage.

Sunfighter Paint Guard TC is

• virtually invisible

• high gloss finish
• self healing
• hydro resistant
• stain resistant
• resistant to yellowing
• resistant to cracking
• resistant to peeling
• resistant to scratching
• installer friendly

Sunfighter Paint Guard TC protects against:

• rocks

• insects

• birds

• salt

• dings

• acid

• keys

• chips

• harsh weather

• other types of road debris

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Sunfighter Paint Guard TC is engineered to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures and high humidity. The high gloss preserves and protects the original appearance and condition of all painted surfaces. It is UV stable but allows UV rays to penetrate which eliminates the two-tone colour differences caused by leather car bras.

Sunfighter Paint Guard TC is tough and durable yet has excellent elasticity, making it very installer friendly. This film has excellent all weather bonding strength yet will not damage the factory paint upon removal.

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