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Custom Window Film

The PVI solar control window film product line has over 170 different standard products, plus our solar control window blind product line has over 25 materials. In addition to these wide ranges of materials, we also offer custom products to meet individual market requirements.


In most industries, manufacturing companies do not like to produce custom products. They prefer to make one product day in and day out. While this may simplify the manufacturing process, it does not always address market needs or growth potential. PVI strongly encourages our partners to pursue custom films that are designed to meet their own specific market needs. We believe that developing custom films is an excellent way to more firmly establish your company identity, setting you further apart from your competition. We will assist your company in developing custom films that are exclusively yours for creating a special niche in your market.

PVI enjoys the challenge of developing new custom materials and welcomes the opportunity to work with you in gaining a competitive edge in your market. All we need to start the development process is some basic information, such as:


1. The intended use, automotive, architectural or security

2. The adhesive system, Sunfighter pressure sensitive or CDA clear dry adhesive

3. The desired gauge or thickness

4. The desired colour

5. The target visible light transmission (VLT)

6. The target visible light reflection (VLR)

7. The target total solar energy rejection (TSER)


Once this information is received, we will conduct a feasibility study to determine the best manufacturing method for producing this film. Then we will provide our proposal with a proforma invoice, minimum order quantity and lead-time. Upon approval, we will begin work on a laboratory sample for your evaluation.


PVI has the flexibility, the experience, the knowledge, and perhaps most importantly, the desire to provide you with the advisory and technical assistance required in creating and developing custom products. We firmly believe that this can become a very valuable marketing tool for your company.


Please contact PVI for further information.

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