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Plastic-View has been manufacturing “See-Thru” solar control window blinds for over 70 years!!!

Founded in 1947, the cornerstone of our business has been a never ending commitment to manufacturing the world's best window blinds for airport control towers. Plastic-View is the world’s leading producer of window blinds for this specialized application, with successful installations in over 90 nations worldwide. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), US Army,    US Navy and US Air Force have all specified Plastic-View window blinds for their control towers, as have other international organizations such as ICAO, NavCan, Infraero, DGAC, ASCENA and others.

PV-128 SCS-400™ with Wheeled Hembars

at NATCT, Chicago-O'Hare International

PV-128 SCS-400™ with Spring Box™ technology

at McCarran International ATCT, Las Vegas, NV

Plastic-View metallized window blinds and the insulating air space between glass and blind material form a barrier against cold or heat transfer.

Metallization in the Plastic-View window blind  material construction simulates the thermos bottle principle as outside heat is rejected, while inside cold is retained.

The attention to detail and engineering that we used to develop the globally specified F72 SR® and DS8 SR® window blind materials for airport control towers is also present in all of our other blind materials. PVI solar control window blind materials are designed to:

  • Improve living and working environmental conditions     

  • Reject up to 96% of the total solar energy

  • Reduce air conditioning costs and requirements

  • Reduce up to 99% of the near-infrared energy or IR cut, over the full NIR spectrum of 780 - 2500 nm

  • Reduce up to 98% of the eye-straining glare (especially important for computer screens), while not only maintaining the full view out but improving it

  • Block over 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays, protecting people and all interior furnishings from sun damage

  • Create daytime privacy, whereby insiders can see out, but outsiders cannot see in

  • Retain interior heat, similar insulating efficiency as adding an additional pane of glass

Plastic-View solar control window blinds are the ideal window treatment for a variety of different applications, including:


“See-Thru” solar control window blinds are a growing industry and have achieved tremendous acceptance in the US and many parts of Europe. Despite the fact that Plastic-View has been manufacturing window blinds for over 70 years, there is a very good business opportunity to promote this "new" product. We would highly recommend that any company in the window film business add solar control window blinds to their product line. Plastic-View window blinds are a complimentary product to window film and will allow your company to better meet your clients solar control window treatment needs.

A Window Blind for All Seasons













In winter...

  • Retain as much interior heat as either storm windows or thermal panes – approximately 44 to 56%

  • Re-radiate furnace heat back inside the room

  • Simulate the insulating “dead-air” space principle of duo-panes or storm windows

  • Conveniently operated to take full advantage of free natural solar heating and lighting, often completely satisfying these requirements; eliminates unnecessary and expensive artificial heating and lighting

  • Reduce air infiltration in all climates

In spring…

  • As in all seasons, create daytime privacy while providing a glare-free view out from inside but outsiders cannot see in

  • Daytime privacy feature offers the benefit of increased security by essentially turning ordinary windows into one-way mirrors

  • Children at play may be observed without them knowing it

  • Create a more spacious and pleasing atmosphere by inviting the out-of-doors inside; maintains visual contact with the outside world, but with personal privacy

In summer…

  • Reject up to 96% of the total solar energy (TSER), which drastically reduces air conditioning demands and costs, while greatly increasing personal comfort

  • Minimize discomforting room “hot spots”

  • Virtually eliminate both direct and reflected eye-straining sun glare

  • Protect all interior furnishings from the devastating effects of exposure to excessive heat and UV radiation by blocking out over 99% of the fade causing UV rays. This helps to ensure longevity and color stability of draperies, carpeting, furniture, and all other interior furnishings

In fall…

  • Plastic-View blinds are a complete window energy management system. As the weather or environmental conditions change these blinds may be easily adjusted instantly to your preference

  • Flexibility permits total personal comfort control. You decide how much light and energy are permitted to enter

  • Help to reduce exterior noise

  • Perform the many benefits and functions not provided by ordinary window coverings

  • Make conventional window insulation products obsolete

A 'Thermos Bottle' for Windows
In Hot Weather


Plastic-View solar control window blinds reject up to 96% of the total solar energy. Thus, the need for air conditioning is either completely eliminated, or greatly reduced in demand and cost.

In Cold Weather


On cold days, when in the down position, Plastic-View window blinds are comparable to storm windows or duo-pane glass for retaining interior heat. When in the up position, our blinds have the tremendous advantage of allowing 100% of the available free solar heat and light to enter the room. Plastic-View window blinds will also improve the energy efficiency of duo-pane or Low-E windows and are safe to use with all types of glass.

The Alternative to Window Film

In any situation where maximum all-season energy efficiency is desired, while retaining the full view, the best solution is Plastic-View’s “See-Thru” solar control window blind. No other single window treatment product can equal the all-around performance and total benefits of Plastic-View solar control window blinds.


Permanently installed window film reduces the visible light, even when this free natural light would be welcomed, such as on cloudy days. Plus, if a window film is dark enough to reduce sun glare, it will also restrict the view out at night. The flexibility of Plastic-View blinds allows them to be rolled up and the night time view preserved. Also, some people simply do not want any film on their windows all the time. In these situations, Plastic-View window blinds are the solution. They have the flexibility for adjusting to individual personal comfort and environmental control.


When compared to any solar control window film, the two main advantages that Plastic-View blinds offer are:

  1. Flexibility

  2. An insulating “dead air” space


Plastic-View window blinds offer the flexibility to be easily rolled up or down as desired, allowing free solar heating and natural lighting to enter. Then when lowered, they literally trap this energy inside the room, often satisfying all heating requirements. This passive solar control feature is extremely valuable, especially in any areas that experience cold weather.


Another critical consideration is how important is the view out at night. Any solar control film is going to have some impact on the nighttime view; in fact, many films eliminate it entirely. Plastic-View window blinds offer maximum glare protection and privacy during the day, with the flexibility to be rolled up at night… completely out of the way to retain the full view.


Plastic-View window blinds work on a similar principle as storm windows or duo-panes, i.e., they achieve an insulating air space between the glass and the metallized heat reflective window blind material. This thermal barrier reduces cold air infiltration (even without sealed edges) and actually re-radiates interior heat back inside the room. The end result is that Plastic-View blinds are similar in efficiency for retaining interior heat as thermal pane glass in cold weather; while in summer they reject  more solar energy than even the best window film.


Plastic-View window blinds are also a very safe alternative to window film in situations where permanently applied film could possibility increase the risk of glass failure. The insulating air space between the window blind material and the glass eliminates the potential problem associated with window film of building up excessive heat on the glass. Plastic-View blinds are an excellent option even in very sensitive situations.


Plastic-View solar control window films are unsurpassed in quality and performance, however, whenever you want the advantages of film, but with increased efficiency and versatility, Plastic-View solar control window blinds are the answer.

* Commercial Office Buildings

* Service Apartments

* Restaurants

* Show Rooms 

* Private Homes

* View Windows

* Airport Control Towers

* Condominiums

* Computer Rooms

* Marine Vessels

* EZ Pass Stations

* Petrol Stations

* Convenience Stores

* Store Front Display Windows

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