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Sunfighter Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

PVI offers a full range of Sunfighter security films that provide a strong deterrent against illegal entry and virtually eliminate the common 'smash and grab' type of theft. They neutralize the main advantage that this type of criminal depends on....speed. Sunfighter security film restricts intruders access to personal possessions inside automobiles, homes or display window merchandise, rebuffing would-be thieves while affording authorities crucial time in combating this type of crime. 


Sunfighter security films are very economical insurance against most forms of glass related injuries, from simple accidents to acts of vandalism or terrorists, factory explosions or even natural disasters, such as severe storms or earthquakes. Sunfighter security films are designed to hold broken glass in place, minimizing the danger of flying glass shrapnel and the cleanup task that follows.

Sunfighter security film is available in ultra clear non-metallized and metallized constructions for enhanced solar control properties:

Clear Guard SR         4 and 7 Mil Clear              Colour Guard SR   4 Mil Dyed

Clear Guard EP SR    4 Mil Clear Exterior          Solar Secure SR   4, 6, 8 and 9 Mil Metallized

Double Guard SR      8, 11 and 14 Mil Clear     Super Secure SR  6 Mil Sputtered

Triple Guard SR         12 Mil Clear

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No window film is ‘bullet proof.’

Despite unfounded claims by some brands, no window film can make ordinary glass ‘bullet proof’’. There are many factors that must be taken into account, such as the caliber of weapon, the physical distance that the weapon is fired from and the angle.


However, Sunfighter Triple Guard SR has proven to significantly increase bullet resistance.  To the left is a photo of a piece of standard 26.5mm bullet resistant glass, designed to protect against shots fired from a 9mm handgun, with Triple Guard SR  applied on one side and Sunfighter Clear Guard SR 4 Mil on the other. 


This glass was able to successfully withstand a 7.62 twin bullets fired from an AK-47 assault rifle and a 7.62x25 steel core bullet fired by a Tockarev model 54 handgun.


PVI is not claiming that our security films are bullet proof, but this independent test dramatically demonstrates that Sunfighter security films do significantly increase the level of protection.

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